Courses available through a certified instructor @ 1535 Frederick Street, Brandon, Manitoba or a location of your choice.  Please call for availability (204) 573-9167.

More training courses are continuously being developed; please call for a more current list of staff and management training opportunities.

  •     WHMIS
  •    A Day in the Life of a Traffic Coordinator
  •     Workplace Inspections
  •     Accident Investigations
  •     Saying No to Negativity
  •     Safety Committee Essentials
  •     How to be a Good Communicator
  •     TDG-Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  •     Coping with Supervisory Nightmares
  •     A Winning Attitude
  •     The Competitive Edge

And many more new safety and management training courses are being offered at Direct Traffic Ltd.-please inquire within for a more updated list

The Competitive Edge

Competitve Edge Poster