Traffic Control Coordinators (MB)

Traffic Accommodation Supervisors (SK)

The job of the Traffic Control Coordinator is to finalize and set up all traffic control measures with road crew supervisors, project managers and Manitoba Infrastructure. They are to implement the correct traffic management plan for the work that is taking place, as well as monitor traffic operations to determine the effectiveness of the Traffic Management Plan.

Traffic Control Coordinators are trained in various work zone set ups, traffic signage, installation of traffic control devices such as signage, delineation, lane closures and more. TCC’s monitor and ensure flag persons on site perform their traffic control duties competently and safely as well as making sure they have on all proper personal protective equipment.

Traffic Coordinators will also provide relief to flag persons as needed. Our Traffic Coordinators are First Aid trained to ensure extra safety on the job site. We also provide plenty of extra internal training that exceeds minimum training requirements.

Certified Saskatchewan Traffic Accommodation Supervisors are also available for Saskatchewan Projects.