Tips to follow during the process of hiring traffic control

Hiring a subcontractor for Traffic Control can be a daunting task, but knowing exactly what you need for the job can make the experience great for everyone involved. Misunderstandings and surprises can happen in the best relationships. Fortunately, most of these can be prevented by simply getting everything covered in the quoting process. But, as we know, in life, things can change. Covering all of these bases during the quoting process will help eliminate any confusion or extra costs, in the long run, should anything new arise or change.

Below are some great tips to follow during the process of hiring traffic control:

1. Know the Job – make sure you spend time going over all of the specifics of the job and make a list of exactly what you need for traffic control. Any rules, regulations or TMP’s to follow.

  1. Information– to ensure you’re getting the most accurate quote, the following is what you need to provide:
    a) Job description
    b) Job location
    c) Start date
    d) Expected duration of job
    e) Do you require signage from us?
    f) Hours per day?
    g) Personnel – How many flaggers are needed? (Long duration sites require a relief person)
    h) Site set up/tear down/site checks required?
    i) TMP – is there a Traffic Management Plan required for this specific site that you require us to draft or is there one already in place?
    j) Level – The bid item for Traffic Control will specify 1 of 5 levels. Most require a Traffic Coordinator.
    k) MI/Engineer?
    l) Job # / Tender # – provide us with the tender number so we can better reference the contract information and may be able to answer some of the above questions ourselves
  1. Making the call (or email)– When calling to get a quote, it’s always best to give the subcontractor plenty of notice to get you the quote before the job starts (if possible) so that if you decide to go with their quote, they are already aware of the job and pre planning in the event they get awarded the contract. That way they can get all of the equipment ready, schedule personnel required for the job and draft any Traffic Management Plans that are necessary. We aim to make your experience worry free; any of our highly trained staff can meet you on site to discuss your needs before the job starts, or to help with any other information needed to create the quote.
  1. Communication– Communication is key. Being on the same page at all times can make for the best, worry and hassle free experience. From the start of the quoting process, to the completion of the job, establishing a plan and communicating anything in between will ensure you will have the most efficient site possible.

With all of that being said, our highly trained staff  at Direct Traffic Ltd have years of experience in this line of work and you will always receive the most competitive pricing for all of your Traffic Control needs. We pride ourselves in making great relationships with all of our valued clients.