The Road is My Workplace

Please slow down!!

As a driver you have a responsibility to follow the signs and direction from the construction crews and flagging staff.  Please slow down!!  Speed fines are doubled in a construction zone and sometimes tripled depending on the province.  Every year people die in traffic accidents that could have been avoided.

When the weather warms up construction season begins.  Crews hit the roads all over the country filling potholes, building bridges, repairing and building new roads and directing traffic through these zones in an attempt to keep both the motoring public and the workers safe.

Flagging is a dangerous job.  The province of Manitoba has recently made amendments to the Workplace Safety & Health Regulations to include new and to clarify existing requirements to provide better protection for flag persons.  These regulations were updated and approved in December 2012 and took effect February 2013, however there are still many that have not followed the rules or are unaware of the changes.  This puts everyone at risk.  One of the key changes include different requirements for high visibility personal protective equipment.  Flag Persons are now required to wear a full body jumpsuit.   Flag persons must also ensure that they carry their training certificate with them at all times.

Direct Traffic Ltd. has certified flag persons that are trained to the minimum standards and above.  We ensure that all of our staff are trained in all aspects including an internally designed, in house practical training that not only encompasses the skills and topics from the approved and mandatory training but also includes real life scenarios with a chance for each trainee to experience hands on scenarios and work from start to finish.


Read here the story of Ashley Dawn Richards and her fiance, Ashley was struck while working on a construction site as a flag person near Midale Saskatchewan.