Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month and we can probably all agree that in these uncertain times we are experiencing different stressors, some we may not have expected.  Handling stress can look different for everyone and it can come from different areas of your life, your relationships, families and even your neighbours! 

Stress can have an impact on our health both mentally and physically.  These health issues show themselves in anxiety, depression, heart disease etc.  Learning what works for you and how to cope and alleviate those stressors can certainly help you or anyone that is feeling overwhelmed by this emotion.

Stress Awareness Month has been running since 1992.  There have been many investigations and studies into the cause of stress and how we react to it.  There are plenty of resources and helpful organizations available to help anyone with their own struggles. 

Many people are doing a 30 day challenge; the purpose of this challenge is to encourage you to do one action for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing every day.  This can be really helpful in changing your mindset and outlook on stress, as well as finding ways to help cope with your own stresses.  You could learn a lot about yourself and the triggers that come with stress too. 

Will you take the challenge for your mental health?

Written by: Amber Klassen
General Superintendent

Direct Traffic Ltd.
1535 Frederick Street
Brandon, MB, R7A6Z6
Phone: 204-573-9167

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