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Site Maintenance

Most city and provincial projects have mandatory site maintenance requirements, or require periodic patrolling written in the tenders. As a contractor we understand that you have many different things to worry about during the day, so let us worry about the traffic equipment for you!

Setting up a maintenance and inspection schedule with us will ensure the safety of all motorists and pedestrians and take the worries off of your hands. We will go through the site as little as once or several times a day for heavy traffic areas, or maybe it’s just on the weekend or evening when your crew is gone home to ensure that none of the equipment has been damaged, stolen or moved around as that could create a serious hazard for motorists and pedestrians. Site maintenance is so important in Traffic Control as weather, passing by traffic, pedestrians and many other factors can play a role in the positioning and stability of traffic control devices.

With certified Traffic Control Coordinators at Direct Traffic, we are trained to periodically do site checks to look for deficiencies in the site, down signs or knocked over cones. Wind can play a huge factor in signs/stands being blown over, or the signs being blown out of the stands. Large tractor trailers on windy days passing by create heavy wind gusts which also have been known to blow over signs or delineators. Frequent site inspections ensure that the site will always be as safe as possible for everyone.

 You may request this as an extra service on any traffic control sites that do not require an Traffic Coordinator, Flag Persons or a Watchman to be present. 

By choosing Direct Traffic Ltd. you can always ensure that your safety is our top priority.