Shocking things you’ve probably never heard about Road Construction Sites

Road construction is almost here for the 2021 season and we wanted to share some shocking facts for you to think about the next time you pass through a construction zone this summer.

  1. Almost daily one or more vehicles will drive past a flag persons “stop” sign without stopping because they “didn’t see us”
  2. Some drivers treat the Flag Persons stop sign like an actual stop sign (stop for a few seconds, then proceed) This is in fact NOT true
  3. Flaggers are yelled at and belittled each day for simply doing their job
  4. All signs and traffic control equipment on the road are pre-planned out, approved by the governing traffic authority, and follow a pre-designed designated traffic management plan for the type of job being done
  5. In 2018 women in the construction trades made up 3.9 percent of workers in the fields
  6. Work only stops if there is an accident, a break down or inclement weather. 
  7. Most of the time as long as it is safe to do so and it doesn’t interfere with the road work being done, road construction goes rain or shine!
  8. Although it may not seem like it, flaggers do their best to get you through the zone as quickly as possible
  9. Drivers will try to get through the Construction Zone faster than the queue times allow through various attempts such as: bribing, threatening, stories intended to invoke feelings of sympathy, and even driving around the Flagger.
  10. We often work weekends in addition to weekdays, including some Sundays in order to get projects completed in the short road construction season

Written by: Kiandra Lyttle
Traffic Coordinator

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