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  •     Our highly trained staff can meet you on site to discuss your needs before the job starts.
  •     We will develop a Traffic Control Plan
  •     Have it approved by the necessary individual (s)
  •   Provide all your traffic control needs from equipment to Certified Flag Persons and Traffic Coordinators
  •     We will set up the work site for you, even before you arrive
  •     Maintain it for the duration of the work and remove the equipment upon completion
  •     Our traffic control services are worry free for you!
  •    All of our staff are certified with the most up to date training available for their position.
  •    And remember – WE TRAVEL ANYWHERE!

T H E  T R A F F I C  C O N T R O L  S O L U T I O N

Direct Traffic Ltd. is proud to provide customers with the best quality equipment and customer service, from start to finish. Contractors should expect little to no down time due to our wide range of rental equipment, prompt deliveries and the wide range of services that Direct Traffic Ltd. provides.

  • Equipment Sales & Rentals
  • Certified Flag Persons
  • Certified Traffic Coordinators
  • Signs
  • Stands
  • Cones
  • Drums
  • Pilot Vehicles & Operators
  • Crash Attenuators
  • Mobile Arrow Board
  • Mobile Traffic Signals
  • Electronic Message Boards
  • Stationary Message Boards (nonelectrical)
  • Safety Training
  • Set up/Tear Downs
  • Traffic Management Plans

 2 4 / 7  E M E R G E N C Y  T R A F F I C  C O N T R O L 

Direct Traffic Ltd. dispatches 24 hours a day 7 days a week, any trouble calls that may come in and for crews who work after hours and need to schedule. Using specialized emergency signage and night operation equipment can prove to be an effective means of Traffic Control. We understand the customer has many needs and time schedules to complete their project in most cases cities and municipalities push work to be done when traffic volumes are at their lowest.

 D I S P A T C H
(204) 573-9167 or (204) 727-4479
We can be reached all hours of the day for your emergency needs, call us now!

E M P L O Y E E S  O N   C A L L 
Our staff is on rotating on-call evenings & weekends so they are waiting to be dispatched out. We are available to take emergency call outs at all hours. We strive to be on site as quick as we can.



L A N E  C L O S U R E S

Our Traffic Control crews quickly and effectively close any required lanes that are effected by work. From major city intersections to remote areas; we have the right equipment to serve all of your Traffic Management needs. Each part of the work zone is critical to the success of your road closures for smooth transitions and awareness of the motoring public.

L A N E  C L O S U R E  S E R V I C E
At Direct Traffic Ltd. we have Certified Traffic Coordinators that are fully trained in lane closures. We can provide a buffer vehicle equipped with an electronic arrow board, and the fully trained site supervisor who assists with the work zone for the duration of the shift. We also  supply lane closure installation crews to assist in shutting down lanes, and setting up signage for longer projects, or projects that may not need flagging throughout the day. Our Traffic Coordinators are highly skilled at work zone set ups and always follow the guidelines of the Work Zone Traffic Plans that are required for each jurisdiction. We also work very closely with the Traffic Management Planning department to install approved closures.

H I G H W A Y  C L O S U R E S
Experts at Multi-Lane, and Single Lane Highway Closures, we have access to the best equipment meeting current regulations for high volume and high speed locations. These locations provide far more hazards and risk assessments must be performed prior to the planning process. Only our best Traffic Coordinators and Traffic Management Planners will develop the Traffic Control.

2 4  /  7  F L A G  P E R S O N S  

A flag person is a person trained to conduct traffic through a work zone; with their top priority being the safety of workers and the motoring public. Flag Persons should stand at the most appropriate location to direct traffic through a work area, consistent with the Industrial Health and Safety Regulations.

Changing the way you view the Traffic Control Industry by the professionalism of our workers is something we strive for. We bring in a level of professionalism that paints former perceptions on flaggers in a positive light. Our employees understand that public relations are key, and that part of that service is the positive attitude we reflect when conducting traffic control. Direct Traffic Ltd. is looking for safety oriented, polite, reliable, efficient, problem solvers to be an asset to our team.




We carry a large assortment of Traffic Control Signs in a variety of sizes, to suit your specific job site.

 Spring stands and A frames to support the signage in our inventory.

To channel traffic away from your job site and workers.  We can supply 45″ delineators along with single, double and triple rubber bases weighing 10lbs each.

Other Examples of Equipment:

  •     Light Barricades
  •     Directional Barricades
  •     Message Boards
  •     Mobile Arrow Boards
  •     Slow/Stop Paddles
  •     Pilot Vehicles & Operators
  •     No Parking Signs
  • Radar Boards

Safety & Health Coordinators

Mobile Arrow Board

A-Frame Stand-used in city, residential roads (no highways)

Electronic Message Board now available!!!Spring Stand -used on highways, in city or out of city limits, high speed areas

Lighting Tower at night

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Portable Traffic Signal