Lane Closure and Detours

Most contractors have a lot to worry about in their day, why worry about traffic control when we can worry about it for you? Give us a call and we will deliver the equipment you need right to your work site and we will install it for you.

Set Ups & Tear Downs

At Direct Traffic Ltd. we have Certified Traffic Coordinators that are fully trained in setting up lane closures. We can provide a buffer vehicle equipped with an electronic arrow board, and the fully trained site supervisor who assists with the work zone for the duration of the shift. We also supply lane closure installation crews to assist in shutting down lanes, and setting up signage for longer projects, or projects that may not need flagging throughout the day. Our Traffic Coordinators are highly skilled at work zone set ups and always follow the guidelines of the Work Zone Traffic Plans that are required for each jurisdiction. We also work very closely with the Traffic Management Planning departments to install approved closures. When you are done with the work zone, we will tear it down for you.

Highway Closures

Experts at Multi-Lane, and Single Lane Highway Closures, we have access to the best equipment meeting current regulations for high volume and high speed locations. These locations provide far more hazards and risk assessments must be performed prior to the planning process. Only our best Traffic Coordinators and Traffic Management Planners will develop the Traffic Control.

Side Walk Closures & Pedestrian Detours

  • Some projects require restricted access to sidewalks, and in some cases this may mean creating a pedestrian detour. We have the equipment and signage to keep your construction project moving and the pedestrians moving safely.

Advanced Traffic Control

  • Over the years we have developed many complex traffic management plans and have been involved with many intricate work zones. No matter how big or small the work zone is, we have the skill and knowledge to design the safest traffic plan to minimize the impact on traffic flow and create a safe working environment for the construction crews. Some examples of advanced traffic control are: Median Cross-over’s, Shoo Fly Detours, Mobile/Fast Moving Operations, Busy Intersection Control, Lane Realignments, Traffic Circles, Exit and On-Ramps, Temporary Traffic Light Set Ups, Fast Moving Micro & Chip Seal Operations, Paving Operations, Pilot Vehicle Operations, Line Stringing, Structure Moves, and much more!