Flagger Safety 101

Flag Persons keep motorists and road workers safe during temporary roadwork by following safe work practices and procedures and applying all of their training to their tasks.

Flag Persons must remain alert at all times and understand their responsibilities are one of the key components to a safe job site. A split second of awareness and emergency response on your part as a Flag Person can save lives.

There are several safety tips that will ensure a safe working environment:

Flagger Do’s:

  1. Attend the site safety meeting and/or toolbox talk
  2. Always wear your PPE when on the roadway (High Vis suit, Hard Hat, Steel Toes, etc)
  3. Stay alert to your surroundings
  4. Keep your head on a swivel
  5. Plan your escape route
  6. Stay on the shoulder visible to oncoming traffic
  7. Stay a safe distance away from Construction Equipment
  8. Stay hydrated
  9. Be courteous to motorists. Treat them with respect.
  10. Ensure proper and clear radio communication with other Flag Persons on site
  11. Ensure your paddle is in your hand at all times
  12. Use proper hand signals and always make eye contact with drivers that you are directing

Flagger Don’ts:

  1. Do not stand in the live lane of traffic
  2. Never walk the line of traffic to talk to motorists. Always stay with your first vehicle.
  3. Avoid standing behind trees, signs, parked vehicles, around a curve or on the crest of a hill as drivers can’t see you
  4. Do not listen to music or use any electronic devices
  5. Never turn your back to oncoming traffic
  6. Do not stand in the blind spot of construction equipment
  7. Avoid any distractions such as daydreaming or talking with other workers on site
  8. Do not wave your paddle around as it creates a confusing message for motorists
  9. Do not hold your paddle in the arm closest to the ditch as this creates a tripping hazard if you need to use your escape route.
  10. Don’t leave your station until you are relieved by another Certified Flag Person for a break
  11. Do not pick fights with motorists, engage in arguments, or respond to anger.

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