24/7 Flag Person Service

We provide temporary traffic control through flagging operations to ensure the safety of the workers, motorists and pedestrians through road construction sites. A flag person is a person trained to conduct traffic through a work zone; with their top priority being the safety of workers and the motoring public. Flag Persons should stand at the most appropriate location to direct traffic through a work area, consistent with the Health and Safety Regulations.

Are you unsure if your project needs certified flag persons? Read through the questions below to find out!

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may need flag persons on your project, and we can help! We have certified and trained flag persons for Manitoba and Saskatchewan available for all of your flagging needs. We apply our best practices and for safety and quality to your flagging operations to create a safe and efficient job site. When we all work together, we minimize the disruption to traffic and allow the roadwork crews enough time to safely and efficiently complete their projects.