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We’ve collected the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question not listed here, please Contact Us.

Everyone in the field starts as a Flag Person and through additional training and outstanding performance, Flag Persons can be promoted to the Crew Leader or Traffic Coordinator (Supervisor) Position. You can nominate yourself or a fellow co-worker by speaking to the General Superintendant Amber, or filling out this form that will be sent to the General Superintendant: Contact Form

You will be sent a welcome email from Ceridian to make yourself an account. This must be done within the 24 hour time period or the welcome email will expire. Once you have created the account, you can access your paystubs by either downloading the app found in the mobile apps section, or visiting this link: (link here)

Whether you are out on a job site or have a question, your best place to contact is the main office. They will be able to assist you with most, if not, all questions or direct you to the correct individual. The office number is 204-573-9167
You must fill out a time off request form; this form must then be submitted to the Office Manager for approval.
If you think there is an issue with your paycheck, please contact the Office Manager
You can access the schedule that is posted at the shop on the door, and inside near the punch clock or you will receive a phone call regarding your next shift from the office.
The pay week is from Thursday to the following Wednesday. Pay days are every second Wednesday.


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