Emergency Response Team

E M E R G E N C Y  T R A F F I C  C O N T R O L

Direct Traffic Ltd. dispatches 24 hours a day 7 days a week, any trouble calls that may come in and for crews who work after hours and need to schedule.

Using specialized emergency signage and night operation equipment can prove to be an effective means of Traffic Control. We understand the customer has many needs and time schedules to complete their project in most cases cities and municipalities push work to be done when traffic volumes are at their lowest.

Our crews at Direct Traffic Ltd have the experience and knowledge to quickly mobilize emergency response traffic control to ensure the safety of motorists and workers in difficult situations.


Our staff is on rotating on-call evenings & weekends so they are waiting to be dispatched out. We are available to take emergency call outs at all hours. We strive to be on site as quick as we can.


We can be reached all hours of the day for your emergency needs, call us now!