Construction Zones and What to Expect

When driving through a construction zone, what you should expect is the unexpected. Normal speed limits may be reduced and the direction of traffic may have changed. Vehicles, machinery and people may be working on the road. Slow down and pay attention to the signs that have been posted to help you. Remember a vehicle travelling at 60 km/hr from a point of 100m away will take 6 seconds to reach a given location. Flagperson are commonly used in road construction to keep traffic flowing smoothly, pay attention to these individuals. A Flagperson has the same authority as a regulatory sign, so you can be ticketed if you do not obey their directions.

                Be patient, construction zones aren’t there to personally inconvenience you. Construction work is necessary to improve roads for everyone.  Our season to do road improvements is very short in Manitoba, we have to pack a lot of work into very little time. For this reason expect delays all summer everywhere you go, you may find an unexpected detour or a pilot line on your morning commute that wasn’t there yesterday. Often times construction zones can be very long, several kilometers isn’t unheard of. It can be easy to forget you’re in a zone if there isn’t any active construction happening around you. Be sure to pay attention to posted signs, even when workers are not present the speed fines double regulations still apply. Be sure you’ve seen a speed release and a construction ends sign before resuming regular driving.

Your best practice this summer is to plan ahead, stay alert and stay safe.

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